Welcome to the world of Cortex

Cortex Prime is a multi-genre, modular, session-centered roleplaying game. With Cortex, the tools and resources to create your own custom-built game from a myriad of switches and dials are now yours.

The Cortex Prime Game Handbook is coming soon, but you can try out our first Spotlight Game— Hammerheads—for free now. This unique setting catapults you into a catastrophic near future where players are an international crisis team combating disaster!

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Hammerheads Spotlight Game

Hammerheads is set in the near future when the world is besieged by the ravages of climate change, corporate catastrophe, and crisis.

You play a Hammerhead agent, recruited from the ranks of first responders, the military, and the scientific community to join this elite global disaster management organization.

Only the best and brightest, those individuals who run toward danger rather than run away, are sought out by the mysterious World Crisis Agency to serve.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the mighty High-Altitude Multi-Mission Emergency Response Headquarters—the Hammerheads—you and your team answer the call when nobody else can do it.

  • Serialized Television-Inspired Action
  • Become a Highly-Trained Hammerheads Agent
  • Crew Your Own State-of-the-Art Hammerhead Vehicle
  • Overcome Disasters without Combat or Violence
  • Features Everything Your Group Needs to Play

More Cortex Is Coming Soon!

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Cortex Prime handles a multitude of genres from books, television, movies, and video games. Almost any genre you can imagine can be represented with this system. You can cross genres, mixing them up and using traits and elements from more than one in your game, as you like.


Cortex Prime isn't a fixed set of rules. It's more of a toolkit, or a big box of building bricks. From a central system of dice and descriptive traits, you can assemble your own game from modular parts (called mods) to best suit preferences and the way you and your friends like to play.


Cortex Prime is designed to suit groups of players who meet together in person around a table or online around a virtual tabletop, ready to collaborate on a shared story. Each session of play is its own experience. String a few sessions together and you get a story arc or something more episodic.